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I work with founders of venture-scale businesses who are keen to grow personally and professionally.

Often my clients are CEOs who are navigating the transition between being a founder and being a CEO, as their focus is shifting from building a product to building the company that is building the product.

In our conversations we cover personal and professional, leadership and management, motivation and meditation, practical and philosophical.

"Evgeny has a rare combination of superpowers as a coach. He has the patience to listen, the compassion to hear me without judgment, the empathy and experience of someone who has been there and done it, and the tools to bring out the best in me."
Rory Stirling, Partner at Connect Ventures
"Whatever personal growth I may have found in recent months, I attribute to Evgeny. Time with Evgeny feels like an open conversation with your soon to be wiser self. I am one of the lucky few to have Evgeny on my team."
Ben Henley-Smith, CEO of cord
During the most challenging time of my professional career, I've been fortunate enough to have Evgeny in my corner.
His ability to listen, dig in deep and then have me reflect on the conversation in such a way that I can get strong value from it is unique.
Evgeny has improved me as a leader and as a person.
Øyvind Reed, CEO of Whereby
"Having Evgeny as a coach was a real game-changer for me. Every two weeks, I looked forward to having an external voice to speak to and it was even better he could empathize with being an entrepreneur and going through the phase of scaling up."
Timothy Armoo, CEO of Fanbytes
"Working with Evgeny has been a transformative experience. His approach is a combination valuable insights stemming from his time as CEO, fine-tuned listening skills, and putting your human needs first. Through gentle inquiry, Evgeny has helped me reach insights I could not have reached myself. The value of coaching work is hard to quantify, but I can't imagine doing what I do without his support. For anyone struggling with rapid growth, Evgeny is the best antidote."
Maciek Pizkorz, CEO of Apollo Scooters
"I always look forward to my conversations with Evgeny. His style has greatly helped me refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my busy schedule. From our sessions,  I have grown more confident in looking at different approaches and focusing on taking action. In a time of one hour, I am able to view my situation from an entirely new angle, and suddenly valuable new perspectives on my current situation and new roads to solutions open up."
Christian Kerr, CEO of AiCore
"Working with Evgeny has supercharged my growth as a founder and i'd thoroughly recommend the same to any founder looking to sharpen their skills and keep up with the growth of their business. Evgeny's expert listening skills combined with his experience as a founder means he can help you work through even the most challenging situations. I often find my session with Evgeny being the highest ROI meeting of my week. "
Liam Young, CEO of Harper Concierge
"Working with Evgeny has really helped accelerate my business. Whether it's the day-to-day operational challenges of scaling a company or deeper, more personal or strategic issues, Evgeny finds the right questions to ask and always gets to the root of the problem.
Often somewhere very different from where you set out from!
Our fortnightly sessions give me clarity and purpose and I truly recommend Evgeny to any founder or business operator."
Gideon Chain, CEO of Ambie
"Evgeny is very calculated in his approach and will always help you to figure out the solution yourself. On the odd occasion, he will challenge you in ways that will really help!"
Malone Mukwende, founder of Black and Brown Skin
"If you’re a CEO or a founder and you need someone to support you on your journey, Evgeny has the empathy and he can also challenge your perspectives. I'm so grateful for his support."
Kate Pljaskovova, CEO of FairHQ
"Evgeny is fully present. This gives him the ability to truly listen and help you get to the bottom of your problem by asking you questions. In our first session he helped me unlock and take action on things I was sitting on for 5-9 months"
Arunjay Katakam, founder of Inclusive Action Lab
"I wanted to find a coach who I trusted to have high internal standards for themselves which would match the standards that I want to impose on myself. At the same time I knew I needed someone with the empathy and patience to bridge the gap in the periods when I miss those standards. Evgeny has been perfect for this."
Peter Nixey, founder of Copyin
"Evgeny encouraged me to be more familiar with my true self and build a practical tool box, meaning I could take these profound learnings into all areas of my professional and personal life."
Georgina Harding, founder of Semaine
"Our coaching sessions helped me reflect on my performance, identify and prioritise areas for improvement, set goals and develop a system for keeping me on track"
Liam Dickerson, Head of Marketing at Housekeep
"In just a few sessions we were able to unlock and improve so much. I can't overstate how transformative his coaching was for me. In short, I'm a better person: more patient, relaxed, generous, and optimistic."
Ed Dowding, CEO of