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My Coaching

When the walls are caving in for a CEO, their coach might be the only person in their life who can make them feel like they’re not alone, and that makes all the difference.

When my clients tell me what it’s like for them to run a business while juggling life’s challenges, they know I’ve been there.

I don't see my clients as weak, broken or ignorant. To me, they are whole, resourceful and curious.

Our coaching relationship takes us both on a journey of discovery and wonder in service of their agenda and growth.

Coaching is an equal relationship between two peers. When I’m coaching, I’m not advising, teaching, healing or mentoring – although I may occasionally share some of my experience with your permission. I rely on my intuition, curiosity and sense of wonder.

“Whatever personal growth I may have found in recent months, I attribute to Evgeny. Time with Evgeny feels like an open conversation with your soon to be wiser self. I am one of the lucky few to have Evgeny on my team.”
Ben Henley-Smith, CEO of

I bring in frameworks and exercises if and when required, staying attuned to the present moment.

We’ll work with the external (actions, goals, obstacles) and internal (self-awareness, inner drives and conflicts, needs and emotions). However, in my experience, many external factors take care of themselves once the inner game is seen and understood.

For this reason, I tend to look at the external (“how to close the investment round?”) alongside the internal (“what internal conflict is manifesting here?”).

"In just a few sessions we were able to unlock and improve so much. I can't overstate how transformative his coaching was for me. In short, I'm a better person: more patient, relaxed, generous, and optimistic."
Ed Dowding, CEO of

I believe that it’s our responsibility to make the world a better place. I think that moral virtues are shortcuts to peace of mind and wellbeing (if shortcuts exist at all). I believe that our minds are constantly lying to us in predictable ways, and it’s worth examining closely what’s truly going on.

Meditation has taught me that while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. It is the unavoidable result of resisting what is and being unwilling to let go. I believe it’s more worthwhile to build a company where we’d like our children to work than the most profitable business.

Coaching may well take us both into uncomfortable territory. It’s up to me to navigate the balance between challenge and to support skilfully, yet the conversation still may get difficult for both of us.

"Evgeny is one of the most effective people I have ever met. His intelligence, compassion, integrity, and principles are genuinely extraordinary. He has been consistent in these throughout 5 years of acute challenges.

Evgeny's has very high personal standards for leadership, nuanced by years of battle-scarring. His preferred style is "servant" leadership. Few are so well-suited to this."
Sam Morgan, ex-Head of Product at Makers

In our coaching relationship, I will relate to you as a whole person and show up as a whole person. While we’ll primarily focus on your growth in a professional context, no area of life will be off-limits if it’s relevant to our agenda.

A combination of tension, challenge, non-judgmental acceptance, focus on self-awareness and growth, and an opportunity to explore every facet of life is what makes coaching a special growth modality.

This is why I coach.