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Every coach brings something unique to their work. Much of what I bring into my coaching I learned founding and running Makers. If Makers' story, values, culture or contribution to the world inspire you, you'll know what to expect of me as a coach.

On this page I listed some of the interviews I did over the years, as well as coverage of Makers or our culture.

Getting To Know You: Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO, Makers
We talk to Evgeny Shadchnev, CEO of Makers, one of the UK’s most successful coding bootcamps, supplier digital talent to leading corporations
Reboot Podcast Episode #31 - Why Being Real Matters - with Evgeny Shadchnev
So many entrepreneurs seek to model their leadership after the high-profile, successful giants. Should I be a leader more like Steve Jobs? How can I be more like Jeff Bezos? How can I be more like Travis from Uber? These are not only questions without answers, they are the wrong questions. The real…
Build companies on trust, not fear
Almost all companies are built on fear, not trust. It’s so common, we don’t even notice it. Quite the contrary, when we see companies built on trust, and not fear, they seem highly unusual — that…
On building good things
A couple of years ago Facebook made an argument that they’re just a media platform and aren’t responsible for what users post or what effect that has. Today, after US elections and Brexit, this claim…
#12 Evgeny Shadchnev - Founder and Ex-CEO at Makers Academy, Executive Coach
Listen to this episode from Creative Practice on Spotify. Evgeny discusses building a company on trust, leading authentically, the future of coaching and why this moment is enough. Evgeny Shadchnev is the founder and ex-CEO of Europe’s first coding bootcamp, Makers Academy. Evgeny now works as an ex…
Makers Academy CEO Evgeny Shadchnev on diversity in tech
Makers Academy CEO Evgeny Shadchnev is in the business of transforming lives. Here’s why diversity in tech is a key driver for his vision.
Why would you let your employees choose their own salaries?
Companies like Semco, Buffer, Squaremouth, SumAll and WholeFoods have shown that making previously confidential information like salaries available to employees can counterintuitively drive up engagement and positively impact a company’s culture.
How the CEO of Makers Academy built a culture based on trust, not fear [Podcast]
For this episode of Secrets for Scaling, we spoke with Evgeny Shadchnev[] Co-Founder and CEO of Makers Academy[], Europe’s leading developer bootcamp. Evgeny and his team believe in building the company on pure trust[…
The Melting Pot Podcast — Episode 1 Evgeny Shadchnev
The Melting Pot is hosted by business coach Dominic Monkhouse. In this series he talks to entrepreneurs who are doing things differently, pushing boundaries. This week he chats with the CEO of Makers…
What happens when employees set their own salaries?
Staff almost always welcome a pay rise – but what’s the best way to assess how much that increase should be? Makers reckons employees themselves should have a say.
Learn how to code and get hired
Whether you’re a school leaver or a lawyer discover how a computer coding course can help you
Press - Makers Academy
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