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Evgeny Shadchnev

Become the CEO your startup needs right now

I coach founders of venture-scale tech startups who navigate the uncertainty, the pressure and the challenges of scaling their own business. Here's how I coach.

As a founder and CEO of Makers – Europe's first coding bootcamp – I learned leadership lessons on how to run and scale a VC-backed business the hard way. Read my story.

"Evgeny has a rare combination of superpowers as a coach. He has the patience to listen, the compassion to hear me without judgment, the empathy and experience of someone who has been there and done it, and the tools to bring out the best in me."
Rory Stirling, Partner at Connect Ventures

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On coaching and love

Our deepest relationships are based on love. This is true in personal life but also in business, coaching, therapy, mentorship, line management or any other kind of relationship, including the most important one: our relationship with ourselves. Yet, we often misunderstand love. We often equate love with a romantic attachment

On coaching and love
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Taking Your Seat as a CEO

How does the founder CEO actually become the CEO? What is it like to go through this transition? How can a group of peers support you? Photo by Team Fredi / UnsplashYou are the CEO of the startup you founded. You work incredibly hard. Your company survived against all odds. You